23 Roofing Types You Need to Know Before You Get a New Roof

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When you need a new roof, whether it’s because you’re replacing the one you have or you’re building a new home from the ground up, it pays to know about the various roofing types available on residential and commercial buildings. There are several types of roofing materials, as well as several styles of roof design […]

How Much Value Does a New Roof Add?

How Much Value Does a New Roof- New View Roofing

If you’re like many people selling a home in Dallas, McKinney, Plano or any of the surrounding communities, you’ve asked your real estate agent, “How much value does a new roof add?” The bottom line is that the value of a new roof varies based on several factors, including the location of your home, your […]

Common Causes of Residential Roof Failure

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When it comes to roof repair, timing is critical. If your roof leaks, the problem will get exponentially worse if you allow it to continue unabated – it won’t get better on its own. A leaky roof can cause a tremendous amount of damage to your home, and the damage can extend far beyond your […]

Residential Roofing in Dallas: What You Need to Know

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Residential roofing projects can be big jobs – and big investments. Here’s what you need to know about residential roofing, including repairs and replacements, how much it’ll cost, and what to expect from your project. What You Need to Know About Residential Roofing Whether you need simple repairs or a complete roof replacement, it’s important […]

3 Signs You Need A Roof Replacement

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Your roof, just like every other component of your home, has a lifespan. Most roofs are built to last between 20 and 30 years, with variation based on the kinds of weather it’s exposed to and the types of materials used. Heavy wind, hail and other extreme weather can deteriorate your roof quickly – but […]

2 Frequently Asked Questions A Roofing Expert Hears From Homeowners

FAQ's A Roofing Expert Hears

Question:  What Does A Roofing Expert Look For During A Roof Inspection? Answer: The roof inspection is a critically important service that when performed properly and regularly can save you thousands of dollars in avoidable damage and a ton of time and drama when selecting a proper roofing company. A professional roofer should be willing […]