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Burton Hughes

Burton Hughes

Do You Need Roof Repairs Before You Sell Your Home?


If you’re like many people in Plano and the surrounding communities, you’d like to put your home on the market this summer – but is your roof in good enough shape to fetch top dollar?

Here’s what you need to know about roofing and your home’s sales price.

Roof Repairs and Selling Your Home

When most people list a home for sale, they have two goals: To sell quickly and for the best possible price.

But the most beautiful homes – even those that have been exceptionally well-maintained over the years – all have to be appraised and inspected, and if the roof isn’t up to par, it could cause your whole transaction to fall through.

Appraisals and Your Roof

Most lenders require buyers to pay for a home appraisal, which means a certified appraiser will come to your home and find out if it’s worth as much as the buyer is asking to borrow. The appraiser will account for things like the age of your roof (and whether you’ve ever had any repairs performed on it) and the materials it’s made from.

Home Inspections and Your Roof

Smart buyers hire home inspectors so they know exactly what they’re getting into before they sign the dotted line. That, combined with the fact that most real estate agents build contingencies into their purchase contracts that will let buyers walk away from the deal if the inspector finds problems, is a recipe for disaster if your roof needs repairs.

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Why You Need a Roof Inspection Before You Put Your House on the Market Roof Repairs Before You Sell Your Home

If you know your roof needs to be repaired because it was damaged during a storm, you’re experiencing leaks or you see missing shingles, it pays to have an inspection. Even if you aren’t sure what’s happening up there, remember that an appraiser is going to value your home and an inspector is going to compile a report for buyers. The inspector’s report will include all the issues that may cost them money down the road – including roof damage – so it’s always a good idea to get a free roof inspection before you list your house with a real estate agent.

Your inspector will determine whether your roof needs to be repaired and give you an estimate if it does. Making minor or major repairs before you list your home enables you to do two things: First, it shows your buyers that you’re proactive about home maintenance, which lends to their overall favorable impression of your home, and second, it prevents appraisers and home inspectors from using the condition of your roof as a means to lower your home’s value.

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Do You Need a Free Roof Inspection Before You Sell Your Home?

You can save yourself time and money – and possibly save your future real estate sale – by having your roof inspected by Plano’s most trusted roofing company. Call us today to schedule your free inspection and we’ll send an experienced professional to your home when it’s most convenient for you.

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Burton Hughes is a senior project manager and roofing specialist for New View Roofing, a family and veteran owned North Texas roofing company. We feature Owens Corning and CertainTeed premium roofing systems and are GAF Master Elite certified contractors, with a complete line of commercial and industrial roofing solutions. We present clients a variety of options and provide free roof inspections and detailed estimates.

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