How Homeowners Can Prepare for Storm Season in DFW
Burton Hughes

Burton Hughes

How Homeowners Can Prepare for Storm Season in DFW

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Roofing Contractor, Burton Hughes, Prepares for Storm Season in DFW: Here’s How Homeowners Can Prepare Too

Texas is “blessed” with some of the most severe storms in the country. From severe wind to hail and tornadoes, Texas weather wreaks havoc on homes from March to June.

Local roofing contractor, Burton Hughes, offers homeowners advice on what to do if your home is affected this storm season.

As soon as you suspect damage, especially if it’s raining:

  1. Call a roofing contractor that offers free emergency tarping services
  2. Remove belongings from rooms or the attic that are affected by leaks
  3. When it’s safe, get a complete free roof inspection even if you don’t immediately notice damage

“Having a local roofing contractor, who roofs full time and is trustworthy, on speed dial is crucial during storm season in DFW,” says Hughes. “We offer free roof inspections to encourage homeowners to pay extra attention to their roofing system and avoid damage from leaks.

We’ve also begun providing tarping services at no charge to DFW locals whose homes have experienced detrimental damage.”

Hail and tornadoes can leave your belongings exposed to water damage, insects and small animals. That’s why Hughes is immediately on the ground ready to tarp damaged vents and roofs.

Not every storm will result in obvious leaks or holes in your roofing system. But even if you don’t immediately notice a leak, it doesn’t mean you’re in the clear.

The last tip Hughes has for homeowners is a very important one: please don’t climb up on your roof for a closer look. Let the experts use their special equipment to get a visual, snap photos and video so they can review possible concerns while you’re safely on the ground.

It’s not worth risking your health and welfare for an inspection a roofing expert will gladly perform.

If you’re roof has been damaged by storm, schedule a free inspection with Burton Hughes or call him directly at (469) 527-2752.

About Burton Hughes with New View Roofing

Burton Hughes is a senior project manager and roofing specialist for New View Roofing, a family and veteran owned North Texas roofing company. We feature Owens Corning and CertainTeed premium roofing systems and are GAF Master Elite certified contractors, with a complete line of commercial and industrial roofing solutions. We present clients a variety of options and provide free roof inspections and detailed estimates.

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