What Your Contractors Will Do During Roof Installation
Burton Hughes

Burton Hughes

What Your Contractors Will Do During Roof Installation


A new roof installation is a big deal – but if you’re like most people, you’re not exactly sure what the process entails.

Here’s what you need to know.

What Do Roofing Crews Do During Roof Installation?

Because roof installation is a major home renovation project, it takes a lot of prep work – and that’s where your installation crew will start. Then, they’ll begin the tear-down process and prepare the roof deck. Your crew will install protective barriers that keep water and pests out of your home, and then they’ll put on the shingles. Once they’ve finished the installation, the crew assigned to your project will dive into an extensive clean-up, where they’ll remove old materials and pick up all the stray nails that have fallen into your yard.

Roof Installation Prep

To prepare your home for the installation, your roofing crew will:

  • Block off hazardous areas
  • Advise you to take down pictures and mirrors that could fall off the wall during construction
  • Suggest that you put down tarps to protect flowers and other plants from dust and debris
  • Tell you to park your vehicle away from your home
  • Advise you to cover your swimming pool and items in your attic to keep dust from damaging them

Your crew will also create a debris removal plan so they can clean up once they’ve finished installing your new roof.


Your roofing crew will take off the shingles and underlayment to start fresh. Typically, they’ll set up a dumpster in your yard or elsewhere on your property (like the driveway) to contain everything that they tear down. There are thousands of nails in an average roof, but don’t worry – they’ll get to them during the clean-up stage of your roof installation.

Barrier Installation

Your roof deck – the part of your roof between structural components, like trusses and joists, and the insulation and weatherproofing – needs protection so your roof can do its job. Your crew will install a leak barrier to protect the deck before they install the shingles.

Shingle InstallationRoof Installation - Burton Hughes - New View Roofing

The crew working on your roof installation will put up starter shingles. They’re the first line of defense against the wind around the edges of your roof. From there, each roofer will have his or her own job nailing down shingles to protect your home. They’ll work through valleys and around corners to make sure your roof has the maximum protection against the sun, wind, rain, hail and other elements.

Clean Up After Roof Installation

After your new roof is installed, your roofers will conduct an in-depth cleanup of the entire area. Using special magnets that attract stray nails, they’ll go through your yard to make sure there aren’t any dangerous metals left behind. They’ll also remove what’s left of the debris from your old roof, and they’ll cart away the dumpster and dispose of everything.

 Getting a Quality Roof Installation

A quality roof installation depends mainly on one thing: The quality of the company you hire to do it for you. A good company will have a sterling reputation, great reviews and references you can check to make sure you’ll be happy with the finished installation.


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