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​Cheyenne Village and Starwood, both just north of the Sam Rayburn Tollway and west of the Dallas North Tollway, are some of the most desirable communities in Frisco, Texas.

Cheyenne Village and Starwood Real Estate

Cheyenne Village and Starwood, two of Frisco’s premier neighborhoods, are a diverse mix of custom-built luxury homes and a variety of architectural styles.

The community of Cheyenne Village is located in west-central Frisco, where construction began in 2002 and completed in 2006. Many of the homes in this community are custom creations spanning a wide range of architectural styles, including mid-century modern and ranch-style homes. Homes here are typically valued in the $500,000 range, although some are significantly higher.

Starwood is a luxury community with several custom homes. The houses in this area often sell for over $1 million, though there are many below six figures. The custom homes in Starwood are architectural masterpieces designed in traditional and modern styles.

Roofing in Cheyenne Village and Starwood

Cheyenne Village, Starwood and other Frisco neighborhoods deal with warm summers, hail storms and a variety of wintry weather. The roofs in these communities are typically built to withstand difficult weather while providing extreme protection.

Some of the most popular roofing styles in Cheyenne Village and Starwood include synthetic slate roofing and designer asphalt shingles. Because these roofs are impact-resistant and can block out high winds common in springtime storms, most homeowners find that the protection they provide is more than adequate.

New View Roofing installs CertainTeed, GAF and Owens Corning roofing materials in Cheyenne Village and Starwood. Each manufacturer offers popular roof upgrades, such as additional weather protection.

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New View Roofing in Cheyenne Village and Starwood

As one of the area’s premier roofing companies, New View Roofing can perform roof repairs and roof replacements in Cheyenne Village and Starwood. Our crews are consistently helping homeowners in these communities and nearby communities, so there’s a good chance we already have someone near your location if you need help in an emergency.

Roof Repairs

Aging roofs and those that have been through rough storms, as well as those with normal wear-and-tear, may need standard roof repairs. Typically, we start with a roof inspection; during the inspection, your technician will examine the interior and exterior components of your roof to zero in on problems. Your inspector will photograph any damage and provide you with a complete report at the end of your inspection.

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Roof Replacement

Most asphalt roofs last between 20 and 30 years. While repairs can put off a roof replacement for a few years, most roofs eventually need to be re-outfitted with new materials. New View Roofing can replace your entire roof, and we’ll help you choose the ideal materials for your budget and your home’s style.

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