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Roof Damaged By A Storm?

Roof Damaged By A Storm?

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When you need roof repairs or a roof replacement  in Colleyville, you deserve to work with seasoned professionals.

You deserve New View Roofing.

New View Roofing is one of the few roofing companies working in the area with an A+ Better Business Bureau rating, and our average review is five out of five stars because we really care about every roof we work on. We’ve built a sterling reputation in Colleyville because we’re honest, reliable and skilled. Our roofing crewmembers team up to provide you with high-quality installation that’ll last so you can have the peace of mind you deserve.

Our team is completely committed to professional, on-time roofing services that include repair and replacement. We can help you create a new look for your home or fix up what’s already there – and we use the finest materials from the world’s most respected roofing manufacturers, including CertainTeed, GAF and Owens Corning.

Because our team members have decades of combined experience and specialized training in roofing – including both residential and commercial projects, we’re the smart choice for homeowners just like you.

New View Roofing is completely committed to its clients, and that means we put your needs first. If you don’t need a complete roof replacement, we’ll inform you of areas that need repair, to save you money and extend the life of your current roof. If you do need roof replacement, we’ll answer your questions guide you every step of the way. We can bring new life to aging roofs, repair storm and hail damage, or pull off an old roof and give you a new one – and we work quickly and efficiently to save you time and money.

Your roof is an integral part of your home, and we understand that fixing or replacing it is a big investment. We’re here to make sure you get the best possible value for every dollar you spend on roofing.

Expert Services From New View Roofing

New View Roofing can perform emergency repairs after a hail or wind storm, or we can make repairs or replacements as your roof naturally ages.

Standard Roof Repairs

Old, aging roofs need repairs and maintenance from time to time. Fortunately, if you tackle roof repairs as soon as they become necessary, you’ll most likely be able to put off a complete roof replacement – and that saves you money in the short-term.

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Roof Replacement

When your roof has passed its service life and it’s just not doing its job any longer, we can replace it for you. We’ll remove your existing roof, inspect for structural damage and make repairs as necessary, and then replace your roof with the materials you choose. If your roof has been damaged, you may be able to work with your insurance company to cover some or all of the cost of repair or replacement. We will be happy to provide you with the results of a roof inspection, which you can then submit to your insurance company.

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Emergency Roof Repairs

If your roof has sustained damage from a hail storm, tornado, falling tree limbs or any other event, we can evaluate the situation and repair it quickly. A damaged roof often makes way for more damage, so we’ll act fast to ensure your roof is blocking out the elements and protecting your home the way it should.

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How Do I Know If I Need A Roof Replacement?

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What Is Included During A Free Roof Inspection?

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Speak Directly With Burton About My Roof

Speak Directly With Burton About My Roof

Why Choose Burton Hughes with New View Roofing?

1. Professional

If you’re like most people who need roof repairs or a roof replacement, you’re not a roofing pro yourself – and that means you’re at the mercy of the company you choose. It’s absolutely essential that you choose a roofing company you can trust; one with a solid reputation in Colleyville.

That’s where we come in.


2. A+ Rating with BBB

New View Roofing is a Better Business Bureau-accredited business with an A+ rating, and our roofing experts have the experience, knowledge and skill sets you need to get top-quality results. We know how to repair and replace roofs in a variety of materials so you can get exactly what you want at an affordable price.

3. Peace Of Mind

We’ve worked hard to earn our great reputation with your friends and neighbors, and we intend to keep it. We’ll do everything necessary to ensure that you’re completely satisfied with your roof repairs or new roof, and we back all our work to give you extra peace of mind.

Ready For A Free Roof Inspection?

Serving Frisco, Mckinney, Allen And Beyond

We’ll work around your busy schedule to set up a free roof inspection. One of our expert inspectors will come to your home and figure out what’s going on with your roof, and we’ll provide you with extensive documentation to show you exactly what your roof needs.

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Roof Repair And Replacement In Colleyville, Texas

3 Signs You Need A Roof Repair

It’s not always easy to determine whether you need roof repairs from the ground – but watch for these three signs that may indicate that it’s time for a free roof inspection:


You notice missing shingles. Shingles are your roof’s first line of defense against rain, pests and wind, so if they’re missing, there could be damage to the lower layers that you can’t see from the ground.


You see that your roof is sagging, either from the inside of your attic or from outside your home. Sometimes roofs sag because there’s moisture inside the wood, the wood is rotting, or there are other conditions present that could be putting your home at risk for structural damage.


You find evidence of leaks inside your home. Your roof should never leak – its primary job is to keep water out of your attic and your home’s structure. If you see leaks inside your home, you need a roof inspection immediately – and you’ll need repairs to prevent further damage.

Other New View Roofing Services In Colleyville, Texas

Hiring the Right Colleyville Roofing Contractor

Whether you need simple roof repairs, in-depth repairs or a complete roof replacement, it’s absolutely essential that you work with the right Colleyville roofing contractor. You need to work with a company that’s earned a good reputation, not just here, but in other neighborhoods nearby, as well; that’s because not all roofing companies are created equal.

When you’re hiring a roofing contractor to work on your roof in Colleyville, these are the most important criteria to look for:


It’s not that there’s anything wrong with working with a new roofing company (we all had to start somewhere!), but when you’re making an investment in your home, you need to work with a roofing company that’s already built up a solid reputation in your community.


Experienced roofers are safer and more reliable – and they understand how important it is to do the job right the first time. You need to work with a contractor who has hand-picked teams filled with roofing experts who understand the differences in roofing materials, home styles and the effects age, weather and other factors can have on a roof.


A warranty promises that the materials and work put into your roof is top-quality – and it gives you peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, your contractor will be there to fix it.

New View Roofing Materials, Warranties, & More!



You don’t have to take our word for it. See what our past and present clients are saying about New View Roofing’s services here.

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