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Denham Village and Whiffletree are spectacular communities in the thriving city of Plano, Texas. Both of these upscale neighborhoods are near the corner of Legacy Drive and Independence Parkway, just south of Russell Creek Park.

Denham Village Real Estate

Denham Village is where you’ll find beautiful, two-story brick homes with modern design. Many of the homes here have distinct custom features, including beautifully manicured lawns and spectacular interior decor.  

Home Values in Denham Village 

Homes in Denham Village typically appraise between $350,000 and $600,000, with a few homes serving as outliers.

Whiffletree Real Estate 

The beautiful Whiffletree neighborhood is one of the most desirable in the area. You’ll see a wide range of custom homes on spacious lots, many with brick façades and large windows.

Home Values in Whiffletree

Homes in Whiffletree vary between the mid-$300,000s and just under $500,000, although there is some variation in both directions.

Roofing in Denham Village and Whiffletree

Plano is known for its moderate climate (but warm summers) and exposure to pretty significant hail storms, so most of the homes in Denham Village and Whiffletree have roofs built to stand up to both.

Typically, designer asphalt shingles and synthetic roofing tiles made to look like natural materials are the norm. You’ll find roofs with lighter colors – grays, reds and browns – rather than standard black roofs in these communities. That’s because they’re more able to reflect heat from the sun, and they’re designed to promote more stable temperatures in attics and ventilation spaces.

Many of the roofs you’ll find in the Denham Village and Wiffletree communities are strongly impact-resistant. Because hail can do significant damage, most homeowners in these neighborhoods choose roofing materials based on how well they stand up to large hail stones.

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Roof Repair and Replacement in Denham Village and Whiffletree

When Plano is hit by a major storm, we’re on the ground within hours helping our friends and neighbors in Whiffletree and Denham Village begin the recovery process. We’re always working in the area, as well, so even if it’s not an emergency, we can schedule an appointment for a free roof inspection based on when you’re available.

Roof Repairs

Storms, high winds and other hazards can really do a number on your roof – particularly if it’s beginning to get older. The average asphalt roof is built to last between 20 and 30 years, and then it begins to degrade. By making repairs as soon as your roof needs them, you can avoid a more costly roof replacement.

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Roof Replacement

When it’s time for a new roof – whether it’s because your old one has aged out or because it’s been irreparably damaged, we’re here for you. Our experts can remove your old roof and have a new one installed in no time.

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