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Roof Damaged By A Storm?

Roof Damaged By A Storm?

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When you need an Edmond roofer for roofing repair services or a roofing system replacement, you deserve to collaborate with seasoned experts.

You are worthy of Burton Hughes with New View Roofing.

New View Roofing is one of the select roof businesses operating in the area with an A+ Better Business Bureau ranking, as well as our typical review is 5 out of 5 stars because we really respect every project we work on.

We’ve built an admirable track record in Edmond due to the fact that we’re truthful, trusted as well as knowledgeable. Our New View crewmembers team up to provide you premium installation that’ll last so you can have the comfort you deserve.

Our group is totally dedicated to professional, on-time roofing solutions that consist of repair services as well as replacement. We can help you produce a face-lift for your residence or fix up what’s currently there. We make use of the finest products from the world’s most respected roof producers, including CertainTeed, GAF and Owens Corning.

Since our employees have years of a variety of experience as well as specialized training in roofing– consisting of both residential as well as industrial tasks– we’re the smart option for property owners similar to you.

New View Roofing is completely committed to its clients. Your demands are top priority. If you don’t need a total roof replacement, we’ll notify you of any locations that require fixing. Repairs conserve your money as well as expand the life of your current roof. If you do need roof replacement, we’ll address your questions and assist you every step of the way.

Your roofing system is an important component of your residence, and we recognize that fixing or replacing it is a big investment. We’re here to make sure you get the best feasible value for each buck you invest in your roof.

Expert Edmond Roofer Services From New View Roofing

New View Roofing can execute emergency fixes after hail or a tornado, or we can make repairs or roof replacements as your roof naturally ages.

High Quality Edmond Roof Repairs

Old, maturing roofs require repair work and maintenance from time to time. Thankfully, if you deal with roof repair serving as quickly as they become required, you'll most likely have the ability to put off a total roofing replacement-- and that saves you money in the short-term.

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Roof Replacement

When your roof has passed its service life and it's simply not doing its job any longer, we can change it for you. We'll get rid of your existing roofing system, examine for architectural damage as well as make repair work as needed, and afterwards change your roofing system with the materials you choose. If your roof has been harmed by a storm, hail, falling branch and more, you may have the ability to collaborate with your insurance company to cover some or all of the cost of repair service or replacement. We will certainly be happy to supply you with the outcomes of a roof inspection, which you can then send to your insurer.

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Hail & Storm Roof Repair

If your roof has received damages from hail, a twister, dropping tree limbs or any kind of other unfortunate occasions, we can evaluate the circumstance and repair it swiftly. A damaged roof commonly gives way for more damage, so we'll act quick to ensure your roof is blocking out the elements and safeguarding your house the means it should.

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How Do I Know If I Need A Roof Replacement?

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What Is Included During A Free Roof Inspection?

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Speak Directly With Burton About My Roof

Speak Directly With Burton About My Roof

Why Select Edmond Roofer Burton Hughes with New View Roofing?

1. Professional

It’s absolutely vital that you pick a roof business you can trust; one with a strong reputation in Edmond.

That’s where we come in.

2. A+ Rating with BBB

New View Roofing is a Better Business Bureau-accredited company with an A+ rating, and our roofing specialists have the experience, expertise and ability you need to obtain excellent outcomes. We know just how to repair and also replace roofs in a selection of products so you can get specifically what you want at a great price.

3. Peace Of Mind

We’ve striven to earn our wonderful reputation with your friends and neighbors, and we’ll continue to work to keep it. We’ll do whatever is needed to guarantee that you’re completely pleased with your roofing fixes or brand-new roof, and we back all our work with guarantees to provide you additional peace of mind.

All set for a Free Roofing Examination?

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We’ll work around your busy schedule to establish a cost-free roof assessment. One of our expert examiners will certainly come to your home and determine what’s happening with your roofing system, and we’ll supply you with extensive documentation to reveal precisely what your roof needs.

Fill out the free inspection form listed below or call 469-728-8704 to plan your totally cost-free roof evaluation now.

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Repair And Replacement Roofing In Edmond, OK

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5 Signs That It’s Time for a New Roof

Although your roof should last a minimum of 20 years before needing to be replaced, that’s not always the case – sometimes roofs sustain damage from storms, high winds or exposure to the elements, and sometimes the materials and workmanship just aren’t up to par. If you suspect your roof is failing, it’s important to get a roof inspection done as soon as possible. An inspector can identify problems with your roof and provide you with a list of possible solutions. Sometimes minor repairs can buy you several years before you need to replace your roof – and that means you’ll save money over time, too.

But what are the most common reasons residential roofs fail? Here’s a quick overview.


Tree damage. When mature trees’ branches hang over your home, they can scrape away at your shingles and cause damage. Even worse, though, is that they’re prone to breaking during storms and high winds. A broken branch can cause significant damage to a roof – and not just the upper layer, either. It’s surprisingly common for a tree branch to rip up flashing (the protective material used around protrusions from your roof, like your chimney) or to rip off shingles and roof tiles on its way to the ground.


Improper water shedding. Your roof should be designed to shed water, sending it straight down into the gutters. However, not all roofs are created equal. Water can pool on your roof and eventually seep down under your shingles, leading to big problems with the underlayment. In some cases, the water can even make its way into your home, causing extensive damage that costs a lot to repair.


Clogged gutters. Cleaning out your gutters does a lot for your roof – and failing to clean them can have long-lasting (and expensive) consequences. When water builds up because there’s debris in your gutters, it can damage your soffits and fascia, which will eventually let excess water into your home.


Your attic feels damp. Your roof’s ventilation system should keep your attic dry. If it’s damp, mold can grow, ice dams can form on your roof, and your shingles can blister. All of these things lead to serious roof damage, and if left untreated, you’ll need a new roof sooner than you would have if you’d addressed the problem in time.


Your energy bills are going up. If your energy bill suddenly skyrockets, there’s a good chance that your roof is to blame. A properly working roof will keep your home at a reasonable temperature, making it easier for your air conditioning system to work. A roof that isn’t performing its job can trap hot air inside and lead to a whole host of other problems, leading to higher utility costs in the meantime.

Whether you require basic roof repair services, or a total roof replacement, it’s definitely important that you work with the appropriate Edmond roofer.

When you're employing a professional Edmond roofer to work on your roof, these are the most essential criteria to search for:

Track Record

Experienced Edmond roofing contractors are much safer and also more trusted– they understand exactly how vital it is to do the work right the first time. You should work with a specialist who has hand-picked employees full of roofing professionals that understand the distinctions in roofing products, house styles and the effects age, weather condition and other variables can have on a roof.


It’s not that there’s anything wrong with working with a brand-new roof contractor (all of us had to begin somewhere!), but when you’re making a financial investment in your home, you need to work with a roof business that’s already accumulated a strong credibility in your community.


A warranty guarantees that the materials and also work put into your roof is excellent– and it offers you assurance understanding that if something goes wrong, your specialist will certainly be there to repair it.

New View Roofing Materials, Warranties, & More!

Every house owner has his/her personal preferences, and a house’s aesthetic has a lot to do with the roof covering materials you select. We can offer you alternatives that satisfy your needs as well as aid you in making the best selections based on your spending plan, your residence’s style and also your personal choices.

We deal with the world’s most renowned roof products suppliers, consisting of CertainTeed, GAF and Owens Corning which means when you choose Burton Hughes to deal with your home’s initial line of protection, you can pick from a number of products, including asphalt tiles, which are some of the most usual roof covering materials offered, as well as premium designer tiles made to include style and difference to any type of residence.

Choosing premium quality roofing products does not need to be hard when you collaborate with premier Edmond roofers. We’ll review your needs, ask you about your preferences and show you samples of materials that match what you want. We’ll aid you on making the right selections to safeguard your home and family. You’ll have a wide variety of options that fit within your budget plan. We’re more than happy to answer your concerns about each product so you can make the most informed choices possible.

We guarantee our work and also the roof products we work with. As a matter of fact, due to the fact that we work with CertainTeed, GAF as well as Owens Corning, you’re frequently entitled to guarantees on products that outlast those made by less-known business.

At New View Roofing, we comprehend that your roofing system is a large financial investment– and that in some situations, it’s definitely necessary to repair or replace it. We desire you to be confident in your options, so we provide the best items that provide your home the highest degree of defense.

Call us at 469-535-9239 to learn more about roof service warranties readily available to you when you collaborate with Edmond roofer Burton Hughes.

The Edmond area gets more hailstorms and tornados than anywhere else in the USA does– which means your roofing system has a tougher job than most. Generally, you know you require roofing system repair services after a hail, thunderstorm or heavy winds because you’ve located roof shingles in your yard, or you can see noticeable damages from the ground. In cases like those, you might require quick roofing repairs– and we can give it. We also offer emergency tarping services that can block out water and parasites while you check the damages.

Unfortunately, hail and tornados can create damage that isn’t always noticeable from the ground or inside the attic. The worst part is that if your roof covering is damaged and you do not take instant steps to fix it, your house goes to danger for devastating damages. Our well-known storms can lead to:

– Roof shingles damage

– Roof deck damages

– Underlayment damages

Water and your residence’s structural elements simply do not mix– and a leaking roofing system can trigger your house’s framework to fail. Damaged roofs are additionally havens for bugs. Bugs can make their way under tiles, crawl right into your roofing system’s underlayment or perhaps discover their way into your attic.

Even a tiny leakage can cause thousands of dollars in damage, depending on its area and also how much water has the ability to make its way through. That indicates it’s extremely crucial that you obtain a complimentary roofing system evaluation after a major storm or if you think that something’s going on with your roofing.

If you believe something’s messed up with your roof, please don’t try to check it out yourself, leave it to us. Our skilled Edmond roofing specialists will get on your roof while you stay safe on the ground. We’ll take photos of all the damages we discover. We’ll additionally provide you options and rates so you can make the best possible choices to safeguard your house and your family.

In order for your roofing system to shield your house, it needs to be appropriately ventilated. You may be able to see your roofing system vents from the ground; you should see intake vents as well as exhaust vents, which keeps the air moving in your attic, helps keep your energy costs sensible as well as avoid dampness from accumulating inside your house.

Intake vents allow outdoor air into your attic room or ventilation space. Normally, they’re located along the roof covering’s lowest eave. These vents ought to never be obstructed, either by insulation or various other products, or they won’t be able to work correctly.

Exhaust vents release air from your attic room or ventilation area. Generally, you’ll see them along ridges or high points on the roofing. Often exhaust vents are covered by roof shingles, which is okay– that’s a particular style that can be really effective in some houses. You might rather see static exhaust vents near your roofing system’s ridge or gable-end vents, which are mounted in the walls at the peak of a gable end. Although not as usual, you may have turbine vents or powered vents.

Warm air that rises from your home during any season requires a release, and the only method it can find one is through an exhaust air vent. The intake vent permits outside air to whisk away the cozy air.

If your roof’s air flow system is not functioning properly, that warm air can develop a moisture build-up in your attic room or ventilation area. Wetness in that area can cause your roof to degrade a lot more rapidly than it ordinarily would. It can additionally bring about ice dams, which can destroy your roofing over the winter season, or increase your power costs throughout the year.

A good air flow system helps in reducing your residence’s indoor temperature extremes, maintaining it cooler in the summer season and warmer in the wintertime.

You can tell that you need a better ventilation system from inside your home, or by going into your attic or taking a look at your residence from the outside. Below is what to expect:

– Ice dams on the edges of your roof

– A ceiling that’s warm throughout summertime

– Frost or moisture condensation inside your attic room

New View Roofing can enhance your house’s roofing air flow system to help you keep power bills down and your home running effectively while securing your roofing from indoor damage.

Learn more about roof ventilation.

Edmond is a very diverse city when it comes to home styles – you’ll find beautiful colonials, Spanish-inspired estates, and everything in between. Each home style features one or two distinct types of roofing materials. While many homes have asphalt shingles, which are designed to last between 20 and 30 years, it’s not unusual to find houses outfitted with clay tile, synthetic slate, and a wide range of other materials, as well. In luxury neighborhoods, you’ll often see stone or metal roofing materials – at least on parts of roofs – but synthetic materials designed to look like stone are common, too.



You do not need to take our word for it. See what our past and also existing clients are claiming regarding New View Roofing’s solutions here.

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