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Roof Damaged By A Storm?

Roof Damaged By A Storm?

Don't Wait Until Rain Leaks Through Your Roof
Request A Free Roof Inspection

Most homeowners don’t think a lot about roofing until there’s a leak or they experience other problems. If you have a leaking roof, it’s time to get in touch with one of Keller’s most trusted roofing companies for a free inspection.

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How Do I Know If I Need A Roof Replacement?

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Speak Directly With Burton About My Roof

Speak Directly With Burton About My Roof

Working With a Keller Roofing Company for Repairs and Replacement

Your roof is a big investment, so you can’t leave it in just anyone’s hands. You need to work with a roofing company that’s built a reputation for fast, efficient and effective repairs, roof replacement and restoration.

Keller Roof Repair and Restoration

Roof repair can save you thousands of dollars over time by extending your roof’s lifespan and by preventing other headaches. 

Watch for these signs that you need roof repairs or replacement:

  • Bald spots on asphalt shingles
  • Chimney flashing made from roof cement or tar
  • Cracked shingles
  • Curled shingle edges
  • Missing shingles, particularly in the valleys
  • Moss growth
  • Shingle granules in your gutters

Leaking Roof Problems

If you have a leaking roof, your home’s structure could be at risk. When water makes its way into your attic, it can damage your insulation and make it less effective. You may notice water leaking through your ceilings, skyrocketing utility costs and a number of other issues.

Another issue: if water can get in, so can unwanted pests.

Keller Roof Replacement

A roof that’s between 20 and 30 years old may need to be replaced by a professional roofing company. Most roofs are only built to last that long; after that, the materials protecting your home begin to degrade. Your roof may need to be replaced sooner if it’s been subjected to storm and hail damage – the weather in Keller can be really tough on roofs.

Call Keller’s Best Roofing Company for a Free Inspection Now

Call us at (469) 222-4506 to schedule a completely free roof inspection from our team of experts. We’ll evaluate the issues you’re experiencing and provide you with actionable solutions, so call us today.


No Hassle, No Obligation, Free Roofing Consultation

No Hassle, No Obligation, Free Roofing Consultation

Learn More About Our Residential Roofing Services

Roof Repair

Many damaged roofs can be repaired providing your family with thousands of dollars in savings! Don’t wait until it’s too late, request a free roof inspection today!

Roof Replacement

Your family will appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing every roof is installed using our same proven process every… single… time.

Hail & Storm Repair

North Texas weather conditions can take a toll on your roof, requiring any number of roof repairs and oftentimes a full roof replacement.

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