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The average roof with asphalt shingles is designed to last between 20 and 30 years, and during that time, you may have to make a few roof repairs. Most people don’t realize that they can get a free inspection that uncovers potential problems before they become expensive issues – but in Dallas, you can call us to schedule yours. We’ll send out a roofing expert to examine your roof and look for minor and major issues, and it won’t cost you a thing.

So why should you get a free roof inspection from New View?

Check out these five reasons you may need your roof checked by a professional.

Why It’s Important To Get a Free Roof Inspection

When you know about minor issues, you can take steps to fix them before they develop into a full-blown crisis. A complete roof replacement costs more than minor repairs do, and fixing problems can prolong your roof’s overall lifespan. You should get a free roof inspection if:

  • Your roof hasn’t been inspected for a few years
  • You notice bare or missing shingles
  • You see wear and tear around chimneys, vents and other objects on your roof
  • Paint is blistering or peeling near your roofline
  • There are water stains on interior ceilings or walls, or your rafters are sagging in the attic

Your Roof Hasn’t Been Inspected for a Few Years

Seasonal weather can be brutal – we get high winds, hail and plenty of storms, which can cause the components of your roof to fail. Having a professional come look at your roof can give you an inside glimpse of what’s going on up there and let you know if your roof is at risk of failing.

You Notice Bare or Missing ShinglesRoof Inspection - Burton Hughes - New View Roofing

Asphalt shingles are covered in tiny granules that reflect UV light and protect the materials beneath them. If those granules are wearing off, your shingles can’t protect your roof the way they should. You might see “bald spots” on your shingles or you may notice the granules in your gutters when you’re cleaning them out for the season – but either way, that means you need an inspection. If shingles are missing, the structure of your roof is exposed; that means you need to call in a professional right away.

You See Wear and Tear Around Objects on Your Roof

Your chimney, vents, pipes and other objects that protrude from your roof could be trouble spots. If you see deterioration around any of those objects, that means your roof is at risk for bigger damage.

Paint is Blistering or Peeling

Poor ventilation in the attic leads to moisture build-up, which spells disaster for roofing materials. A key sign of too much moisture or humidity is blistering or peeling paint – and while that may mean that your gutters are failing, it can also mean that there’s too much damp air in your attic.

There Are Water Stains Inside Your Home

Water stains inside your home signal a roof leak, although they can occur for other reasons, too. If you see water stains, head up into the attic and look for leaks – and see if there are wet spots on the ceiling or your rafters are sagging. The underlayment on your roof could be allowing moisture into your home, and that leads to rotten wood, rusted nails and other problems that may lead to a full roof replacement.

What Happens at a Free Roof Inspection?

When you schedule a free roof inspection, we’ll send a roofing expert to your home. Your inspector will climb on the roof to check for minor and major issues – and if there are any red flags present, we’ll explain exactly what needs to be done to fix them before they become bigger problems. Your inspector will also give you a free quote for roof repair or replacement so you can make the best possible decision for your home.

“Should I Get a Free Roof Inspection?”: Insight From an Expert

If you’re like most people, you don’t think about your roof very much. That’s true whether you own a residential home or a commercial building.  

However, even if you don’t give your roof much thought, you still need an annual roof inspection. An inspection can uncover problems you don’t know about – and it can help you head off bigger problems that are much more expensive to fix. 

A professional roof inspection involves a roofing expert climbing up on your roof and looking around in your attic to find out whether your roof has any issues that could compromise its integrity.  

Interior and Exterior Roof Inspections 

Your roofing expert will conduct a complete interior inspection as well as an exterior inspection.  

Inside, your inspector will look for: 

  • Proper insulation 
  • Ventilation capabilities 
  • Moisture 
  • Mold growth 
  • Leaks 

As part of your exterior roof inspection, he or she will look for: 

  • Leaks 
  • Evidence of ice dams 
  • Shingle condition 
  • Flashing integrity 
  • Chimney work 

Residential Roof Inspections 

Your roof inspector will provide you with a complete report of every issue your roof has, and he or she will provide you with photos. You’ll have an opportunity to ask questions about what likely caused the issues and how you can prevent them in the future, and your inspector will give you a quote on what it’ll cost to fix the problems. 

Your residential roof inspector will also give you maintenance tips and discuss all your options with you, as well as what can happen if you wait on repairs. 

Commercial Roof Inspections 

If you own a commercial building, you absolutely need to call a professional commercial roofing inspector. Commercial roofs are very different from residential roofs. Your inspector will assess your roof’s structure, check how the materials are holding up, and look inside the attic to check for water stains, rot or mold. He or she will also check on the installation techniques used when your roof was originally built to identify weaknesses that could cause you trouble down the road. 

After your inspector finishes examining your roof and interior spaces, he or she will provide you with a detailed report on how “healthy” your roof is and which issues you should have repaired immediately. 

Signs You Need a Roof Inspection 

You should always be on the lookout for these five signs that you need a roof inspection: 

  • Cracked, curling or missing shingles 
  • Bald shingles 
  • Your roof looks like it’s drooping 
  • Moisture or extreme temperatures in your attic 
  • Leaks 

Cracked, Curling or Missing Shingles 

Shingles are your roof’s outermost layer of protection, and if they’re compromised, your whole roof is compromised. If you notice that any of your shingles are cracked, curling or just plain missing, that means the other layers of your roof may be exposed to water, weather events and pests. 

Bald Shingles 

Granules are an important part of your shingles, and they’re there for more than aesthetics. They reflect harmful UV rays from the sun and they encourage water to run off your roof. If you find shingle granules in your gutters or you notice “bald spots” on your shingles, you need a roof inspection as soon as possible. 

Your Roof Looks Like it’s Drooping

If part of your roof looks saggy, you could have serious damage. In fact, you may need a complete roof replacement – and your roof could be in danger of collapsing. It’s important that you schedule a roof inspection immediately if any area of your roof is drooping. 

Moisture or Extreme Temperatures in Your Attic 

Your roof is supposed to have highly efficient vents that carry warm, moist air outside and let air flow through the attic. While it sounds counterintuitive, good air flow from the outside to the inside (and vice-versa) can help keep your energy bills down. However, if you notice that your attic is damp or that the temperatures are extreme in either direction, you need a roof inspection. Damp air can lead to dangerous mold growth, wood rot and a variety of other roofing problems that you should address immediately. 


If water is making its way into your home, the problem needs immediate attention. Signs of a roof leak include: 

  • Obviously dripping water 
  • Dark spots or stains on your ceiling or walls 
  • A sagging roof appearance 
  • Sagging ceilings 
  • Outdoor light shining through into your attic 

What to Expect During a Roof Inspection 

When you set up a roof inspection, here’s what to expect from the process: 

  • A one-on-one consultation with a roofing expert where you can express your concerns about your roof 
  • A complete exterior inspection 
  • A complete interior inspection 
  • A detailed report on the inspector’s findings 

What if Your Inspector Discovers Roof Problems?Free Roof Inspection with Burton-Hughes

You should have a roof inspection every year. That way, your inspector can discover problems before they turn into major issues that could lead to a complete roof replacement. 

If your inspector does discover problems during the inspection, he or she will detail them in a report for you. Your inspector will also explain your options for fixing the issues and provide you with a quote. 

Roof Repair or Roof Replacement After a Roof Inspection 

Sometimes a roof inspection uncovers problems that require immediate repair, and in more extreme cases, the need for a complete roof replacement. Either way, your inspector will give you his or her professional opinion on the issues and explain what needs to be done to fix them. 

If you suspect your roof needs to be inspected by a professional, either because you’ve noticed minor or major problems with it or because it’s time for an annual check-up, we can help. 

Call us at 469-728-8704 or fill out the form above to schedule your free roof inspection today. We can answer all your roofing questions and talk about your options for roof repair or roof replacement. 

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