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How Long Has Your Last Roof Inspection Been?

Residential Roof Repair Services

Many damaged roofs can be repaired providing your family with thousands of dollars in savings!

The need for a roof repair specialist often result from either roof components that fail over time or an unexpected event such as a storm that contains high winds, rain or hail.

There are a lot of varying factors that play a toll on your roof as time passes by. It’s important as a homeowner to stay ahead of faulty damages and leaks by requesting a free roof inspection form.

Roof Repair Frequently Asked Questions

My A/C Unit Is Damaged, Does That Mean My Roof Is Damaged?

Book A Free Roof Inspection with a Roofing Company You Can Trust

How to Identify Roof Damage

Roof damage can be incredibly noticeable – like when a tree has fallen on your roof, water is pouring into your living room or you walk out to see a pile of shingles sitting in the backyard.

But often times, finding roof damage can be tricky to find. You may not know your roof is damaged unless you know where to look. Homeowners need to be aware of these specific problems that cause roof damage:

  1. Bald spots
  2. Decay or stains on soffits or fascia
  3. Rusty gutters with leaky seams
  4. Leaning chimneys
  5. Dampness or stains in the attic
  6. Skyrocketing energy bills
Signs of Roof Damage

If you cannot spot roof damage from the ground and suspect you need a roof repair service, contact a quality roofing company like New View Roofing to inspect your residential roof for free.

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Use A Local & Experienced Roofing Company

Aging Roofs and Residential Roof Repairs

The older a roof gets, the more likely roof damage has occurred over time. Normal wear and tear on roof shingles combined with minor weather damage accumulates over time creating the need for increased inspections and maintenance ultimately leading to a roof repair service. 

On aging and damaged roofs, we look for:

  • Nails that have “popped” through the shingles due to a pneumatic nail gun that did not sink the nail to a proper depth.
  • Shingles that have torn, curled or been damaged in some way by screws, nails etc. We have even seen bullet holes in shingles!
  • Shingles that have gone missing.
  • Flashing around chimneys, pipe boots, valleys or wall junctions that have not been installed properly or have begun to fail.
  • Materials that appear to be defective and can be replaced.
  • If your roof is past repair, we will walk you through the steps of scheduling a roof replacement and deciding on the proper roofing materials

Quality Residential Roof Repairs

Your family will appreciate the peace of mind that comes from knowing every roof is repaired using our same proven process every… single… time.

Our Quality Managers continuously work alongside our local roofing crew to train on consistency and elite standards for roof repair services.

Our home roofing experts are GAF master Elite Certified and are here to help with any storm damage problems and offer the best roofing services.

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How Long Since Your Last Roof Inspection?

How Much Does Roof Repair Cost?

Roof repair costs can vary greatly based on several factors. Your first step in figuring out how much a roof repair will cost you is to call and schedule a free roof inspection – we’ll be able to tell you the extent of repairs necessary as well as how much it’s likely to cost based on the types of materials you choose.

What Goes Into Roof Repair Costs?

No two roofs are exactly alike, and that means there’s no simple answer for how much roof repair costs. When your inspector is giving you an estimate, he or she will consider several factors, including:

  • The size of your roof
  • How steep your roof is
  • The extent of the damage and how much needs to be repaired
  • What types of materials you used on your original roof
  • What types of materials you choose for the repairs

Roof repairs don’t cost as much as full roof replacement does. In fact, you may able to hold off on a complete replacement for quite some time just by having repairs performed – saving you even more money in the long run.

Why Roof Repair is Necessary

Roof Repair Cost-min

In many cases, roof repairs are necessary to protect your home. Like most things, if you leave minor issues alone, they’ll quickly turn into big issues – and those big issues can cost you a lot of money. For example, a small roof leak might not seem like a big deal. However, over time, the leak will become bigger and let in more water (and potentially pests, too).

Waiting to repair your roof can be a huge gamble.

Even a small leak can lead to mold growth, which can be toxic to you, your family and your pets. It can also lead to structural damage within your home; if water seeps into your ceilings or walls, you could be facing catastrophe.

Average Roof Repair Costs

Roof Repair CostWhile every roof repair job is different – and so are the related costs – the average American spends between $300 and $1,100 to fix a roof on a moderately sized home (one that’s between 1,500 and 2,000 square feet). That’s significantly less than a complete roof replacement, and definitely less than fixing structural damage to your home, which means that it’s a smarter choice to make repairs as necessary rather than waiting until the entire roof needs to be replaced.

When your roof is significantly damaged – say, when you had a small leak but let it go until it became a big leak – you’ll end up paying more for roof repairs than you would have if you’d addressed the issue earlier.

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How to Get an Exact Figure on Roof Repair Costs

The best way to find out how much your roof repair will cost is to call us to schedule a free, no-obligation roof inspection. We’ll send an experienced, knowledgeable inspector to your home to examine the extent of the damage and make recommendations based on what’s going on up there. (Don’t put yourself at risk by climbing up on the roof yourself.)

Call us at 469-222-4506 to schedule your free roof inspection now. Let us know what type of problems you’re experiencing and we’ll get you on track.

How Long Since Your Last Roof Inspection?

5 Reasons You Can’t Put Off A Roof Leak Repair

If you’re like most homeowners, you don’t think too much about your roof until something bad happens. And while proper roof maintenance can help prevent problems before they start, sometimes roof leaks are inevitable.

If you have a leaky roof, it’s an emergency – even if the roof leak is small.

Water does serious damage to buildings. These are five reasons you can’t put off a roof leak repair:

  1. Water will cause further damage to your roof. It’s not about “if,” but “when.”
  2. Water can cause attic and ceiling damage.
  3. Leaks can lead to mold and mildew, which can cause serious health concerns.
  4. Damage from a leak can lead to higher utility bills.
  5. Significant leaks can compromise your home’s structure.

The sooner you have a roof leak repaired, the better off you’ll be – it’s just not worth waiting. If you have a leaky roof or need a professional look, contact us today for a free roof inspection. 

How Long Since Your Last Roof Inspection?

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