Roof Damaged By A Storm?

Roof Damaged By A Storm?

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When you require Plano roof repairs or a roofing replacement, you deserve to deal with seasoned experts.

You deserve Burton Hughes with New View Roofing.

New View Roofing is one of the few Plano roofing companies working in the location with an A+ BBB score, and our ordinary evaluation is five out of 5 stars since we truly appreciate every roof we deal with. We have built an admirable reputation in Plano due to the fact that we’re sincere, trustworthy as well as experienced. Our roofing crewmembers team up to provide you premium installment that’ll last so you can have the assurance you are entitled to.

Our team is totally devoted to specialist, on-time roof services that include repair work as well as replacement. We can help you create a makeover for your house or spruce up what’s currently there. We use the finest products from the world’s most respected roof suppliers, consisting of CertainTeed, GAF and Owens Corning.

Since our team members have years of a wide range of experience and also specialized training in roofing– including both residential and also industrial tasks, we’re the best choice for house owners similar to you.

New View Roofing is totally devoted to its clients, which indicates we place your needs first. If you do not need a complete roof replacement, we’ll inform you of locations that require repair, to save you money and also expand the life of your existing roof. If you do require roofing replacement, we’ll answer your inquiries and guide you every action of the way. We can bring brand-new life to maturing roofs, fix storm and also hailstorm damages, or pull off an old roof and give you a brand-new one. We work quickly and successfully to save you money and time.

Your roof is an essential part of your home, and we comprehend that repairing or replacing it is a big investment. We’re here to see to it you get the very best possible value for every single dollar you invest in your roof

Expert Plano Roofing Services From New View Roofing

New View Roofing can do emergency repair work after a hail storm or tornado, or we can make repairs or roof replacements as your roof normally ages.

Plano Roof Repair Services

Old, maturing roofs need repairs as well as upkeep periodically. Thankfully, if you deal with roof repair work as soon as they become necessary, you'll probably have the ability to delay a full roof replacement-- which conserves you cash in the short-term.

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Roof Replacement

When your roof has passed its life span and it's simply not doing its job any longer, we can replace it for you. We'll remove your existing roofing system, examine for architectural damage as well as make repairs as required, and then change your roofing system with the materials you choose. If your roofing system has actually been harmed, you might have the ability to work with your insurance provider to cover some or all of the cost of repair or replacement. We will certainly give you the results of a roof evaluation, which you can then send to your insurance provider.

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Weather Damage Roofing Services

If your roof has recently endured damages from hail, tornado, falling tree branches or any kind of various other occasions, we can evaluate the scenario and fix it promptly. A damaged roofing system often makes way for more damages, so we'll act quickly to guarantee your roof is blocking out water and pests and safeguarding your house the way it should.

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How Do I Know If I Need A Roof Replacement?

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What Is Included During A Free Roof Inspection?

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Speak Directly With Burton About My Roof

Speak Directly With Burton About My Roof

Why Choose Plano Roofing Contractor Burton Hughes with New View Roofing?

1. Professional

If you’re similar to most people that need roofing repair work or a roof replacement, you’re not a roof professional on your own– which implies you’re at the mercy of the contractor you select. It’s definitely important that you pick a Plano roof contractor you can trust; one with a strong online reputation in Plano.

That’s where we come in.


2. A+ Rating with BBB

New View Roofing is a Better Business Bureau-accredited organization with an A+ ranking, and also our roofing professionals have the experience, expertise and capability you require to get high-quality results. We understand just how to repair and replace roofing systems in a selection of products so you can obtain exactly what you want at an economical price.

3. Peace Of Mind

We’ve striven to earn our excellent credibility with your good friends and neighbors, and we plan to maintain it. We’ll do everything required to ensure that you’re totally satisfied with your Plano roof repairs or new roof, and we back all our work to provide you additional assurance.

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We’ll schedule around your busy plans to establish a totally free roofing assessment. One of our professional examiners will certainly show up at your home and also determine what’s going on with your roof, and we’ll provide you with extensive paperwork to reveal precisely what your roof requires.

Fill in the free inspection form or call 469-728-8704 to set up your completely cost-free roofing assessment today.

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Roof Replacement & Roof Repair In Plano, Texas

Plano Roofing Contractors - Burton Hughes - New View Roofing

How to Know if You Need to Hire a Roofer in Plano

If you’re like many people, you don’t give your roof a lot of thought… until something goes wrong. However, it’s important that you know most roofs are made to last between 20 and 30 years. As your roof ages, it’s important to have it inspected annually – that way, you can discover problems while they’re still small (and relatively inexpensive to fix).

But it’s not only about age. Here are five signs that you need to hire a roofer:


You see leaks. A roof leak never gets better with time – it can only get worse. If you have a small leak that’s dripping into your home, you have to think about where else that water is going; it’s most likely being absorbed in your insulation, seeping into your wood rafters, or pooling somewhere inside your attic.


You have curled, buckling or missing shingles. Your shingles are your roof’s first line of defense, so if they’re having issues, they’re not protecting your home. Your house becomes more vulnerable to the elements, and the roof will be more prone to leaking.


You have blistering exterior paint. If the paint under your roofline is peeling or blistering, it’s a sign that moisture is building up in your attic. (It can also signal that there’s something wrong with your gutters, which can cause huge problems, as well.)


Shingles are missing in your roof’s valleys. Valleys are incredibly important – that’s where all the rain, snow and hail ends up – so if the shingles are missing there, your roof is very susceptible to leaks.


You see damaged flashing. The flashing on your roof is what seals up vulnerable areas, such as the chimney, skylights and vents. If the flashing is damaged, water may be able to get in – and water damage can spiral out of control quickly.

Other Plano Roofing Services With New View

The Plano area obtains even more hail and tornados than anywhere else in the USA does– and that implies your roofing system has a tougher job than most. Normally, you know you need roof covering repair services after a hail, thunderstorm or hefty winds because you’ve found roof shingles in the lawn or you can see visible damages from the ground. In cases like those, you may require a quick roofing repair– we can provide it. We additionally provide emergency tarping solutions that can block out water as well as parasites while you evaluate the damages.

Sadly, hailstorms and tornados can cause damage that isn’t visible from the ground or inside the attic. The worst part is that if your roof is harmed and you do not take immediate actions to fix it, your residence goes to danger for catastrophic damages. Our well-known storms can result in:

– Shingle damage

– Roofing deck damages

– Underlayment damages

Water and your home’s architectural components simply do not blend– and a dripping roof can trigger your home’s framework to fall short. Damaged roofs are likewise sanctuaries for pests. Pests can make their way below shingles, crawl into your roofing’s underlayment or even discover their way right into your attic.

Just a little leakage can create thousands of dollars in damages, depending on its area and just how much water has the ability to make its way through. That indicates it’s exceptionally essential that you get a free roofing system examination following a significant storm or if you presume that something’s going on with your roofing system.

If you think something’s messed up with your roof, leave it to us. Our skilled Plano roofing specialists will certainly get on your roof while you remain risk-free on the ground. We’ll take pictures of all the damage we find. We’ll additionally provide you remedies and prices so you can make the best possible choices to shield your residence and your family.

It’s not usually simple to find out where your roofing is leaking, yet New View Roofing’s experts are extremely trained in roof leak detection. We’ll find the origin of the leak, study the degree of the damages it has created, as well as offer you genuine remedies and rates so you can determine what to do next.

You have most likely heard that the time to fix your roof is when the sunlight is shining. Nonetheless, we have a spin: The moment to take care of your roof is the minute you observe a leak. If you wait any longer, you’re opening your residence to the possibility of more– and also possibly disastrous– damages.

Our experts will jump on top of your roof to look for the source of the leakage. In some cases, it’s easy to locate, such as when there are missing, lifted or harmed roof shingles. In various other instances, we require to look deeper to discover the issue. Our specialist roof inspectors will certainly check out the metal flashing around smoke shafts and vent pipes, spots around skylights and other typical locations, and after that we’ll head right into the attic to do a much more extensive search.

We look at each inside component of your roofing to determine water damage, wet areas and also various other indications that there’s a leak. We’ll follow the path of water damage to zero in on the exact spot where water is getting in, and after that we’ll tell you what we need to do to fix it. We’ll even supply you a quote once we’re finished finding leakages in your roof; that way, you can make the best choice on what to do following.

The earlier you fix a leakage, the better. Leaks never get better with time– they just become worse as well as let in more water, which can ultimately result in mold and mildew growth, wood rot and also catastrophic damage to your residence’s framework.

Your gutters are an integral component of your roofing system. If they’re not functioning properly, your roofing and your residence’s structure may both be at threat.

If you’re like most people, you do not assume much regarding your rain gutter system until there’s an issue. When your rain gutters are functioning properly, the system sends rainwater where it belongs: away from your residence. However, when your gutters are missing, harmed or obstructed, the water can not travel along its intended course. Regrettably, that typically indicates it ends up near your structure or accumulating on your roofing system– and in both cases, water can damage your residence’s framework and cause a catastrophe.

During rainy months, water can make its way right into the soil around your residence’s structure. If that takes place, some of the dampness will certainly make its way into the basement or crawl space, or even right into the concrete floor. That moisture will evaporate into the air in your house, which can potentially cause mold and mildew growth and also an entire host of other issues.

Nevertheless, harmed, missing as well as obstructed rain gutters are an issue throughout the year, not just throughout springtime.

If water is trapped on your residence throughout winter season, which frequently takes place when snow thaw runs off your roof, it can create ice dams. Even worse, the warm air from your attic can pull moisture in from the outdoors, bringing it deeper into the timber of your house’s structure. At some point, that dampness will trigger issues with mold and wood rot, along with various other issues that could’ve conveniently been avoided.

Below is what to search for when you examine your gutters:

– Sagging spots

– Leaks

– Visible damages, including dents that are common after hail storms.

– Broken or missing downspouts.

– Downspouts that let water out within a foot of your house’s foundation.

Rain gutter replacement is absolutely necessary when you want to protect your house from the weather. The whole system functions hand-in-hand with your roof to keep away moisture, which can wreck your roofing system, walls and architectural parts.

In order for your roofing to safeguard your house, it needs to be effectively ventilated. You might have the ability to see your roofing vents from the ground; you should see intake vents and also exhaust vents, which maintains the air moving in your attic room, help keep your power costs reasonable and also stop dampness from accumulating inside your home.

Intake vents allow outside air into your attic or ventilation space. Normally, they lie along the roofing system’s lowest eave. These vents should never ever be blocked, either by insulation or various other products, or they will not be able to function properly.

Exhaust vents discharge air from your attic room or ventilation space. Typically, you’ll see them along ridges or peaks on the roofing system. Often exhaust vents are covered by shingles, which is fine– that’s a particular design that can be really common in some homes. You might rather see static exhaust vents near your roof’s ridge or gable-end vents, which are installed in the wall surfaces at the top of a gable end. Although not as typical, you might have turbine vents or powered vents.

Warm air that rises from your house during any period requires a release, and the only method it can find one is through an exhaust vent. The intake air vent permits outside air to whisk away the cozy air.

If your roofing system’s ventilation system is not working properly, that hot air can produce a wetness accumulation in your attic or ventilation space. Dampness in that room can create your roof covering to wear away far more promptly than it generally would. It can likewise lead to ice dams, which can wreck your roofing system over the winter months, or raise your energy expenses throughout the year.

A good ventilation system helps reduce your house’s indoor temperature extremes, maintaining it cooler in the summer season and warmer in the winter season.

You can tell that you require a far better air flow system from within your home, or by entering into your attic or looking at your house from the exterior. Below’s what to expect:

– Ice dams on the sides of your roof

– A ceiling that’s hot throughout summer season

– Frost or moisture condensation inside your attic

New View Roofing can enhance your home’s roof air flow system to help you keep power costs down and also your home running effectively while protecting your roof covering from interior damage.

Increasing Your Property Value on Your Residence in Plano

In many cases, a brand-new roof can increase residential or commercial property worth. If you’re considering selling your home– specifically if other houses in your community have lately been re-roofed– you may want to think of purchasing a roofing substitute.

Although roof upkeep is considered a regular upkeep expense, it can enhance your house’s curb charm as well as take a weight off possible purchasers’ shoulders. The average asphalt roofing is developed to last between twenty and thirty years, which means your buyers won’t even have to think twice about it for years. Even better, is that your residence will look “fresher” than those around it when it’s outfitted with a new roof– and when prospective customers show up to see it, it’ll make a wonderful first impression.

Hiring the Right Plano Roofing Company

Whether you need simple roof repair work, comprehensive fixes or a full roof replacement, it’s definitely important that you work with the right Plano roofing company. You require to work with a company that’s gained a great online reputation, not just in your city, but in various other communities close by, also; that’s because not all roof contractors are created equal.

When you’re hiring a Plano roofing company to work with your roof, these are one of the most vital requirements to try to find:


It’s not that there’s anything incorrect with working with a brand-new Plano roof company (we all needed to start somewhere!), yet when you’re making an investment in your house, you should work with a roof company that’s currently built up a strong online reputation in your area.


Experienced roofing professionals are much safer as well as much more trusted– they understand exactly how vital it is to do the job right the very first time. You need to deal with a professional that has actually hand-picked teams loaded with roofing experts that recognize the distinctions in roof materials, residence designs and the results age, weather and various other elements can have on a roofing.

Service Warranties

A service warranty assures that the materials as well as work put into your roofing system is excellent– as well as it offers you peace of mind recognizing that if something fails, your professional will certainly be there to repair it.

New View Roofing Materials, Warranties, & More!

The best roof products as well as ventilation system can help in reducing your month-to-month energy intake, and also because of this, you’ll delight in lower bills. Some modern-day roof materials are also made to reflect ultraviolet rays, which can keep your air conditioning expenses down.

Various other ways a roofing substitute via New View Roofing can minimize your house’s power prices include:

  • Correct air flow. If your roof is presently poorly ventilated, you’re possibly paying more than you need to pay to keep your residence at a comfortable temperature level throughout the year.
  • Roof covering color. Shade has a lot to do with how much warmth your roofing system soaks up, and our experts can help you in selecting the right shades for our area.
  • Stronger, more durable roof shingles. Out-of-date shingles are generally not equipped to hold up against winds as solid as modern-day shingles can. Newer shingles can avoid wind from coming into your house, reducing your heating and cooling costs.

Every home owner has his/her own choices, and a home’s building style has a great deal to do with the roof products you select. We can provide you with roofing options that meet your demands and also aid you in making the ideal choices based upon your spending plan, your residence’s design and also your individual preferences.

We collaborate with the world’s most popular roof products producers, consisting of CertainTeed, GAF and Owens Corning to ensure we’re providing our customers the very best possible selections. When you choose Burton Hughes to deal with your residence’s very first line of protection, you can select from a variety of products, including asphalt shingles, which are a few of the most usual roof covering products available, and also high-end designer shingles made to add design as well as distinction to any kind of house.

Selecting high quality roofing products doesn’t need to be hard when you deal with premier Plano roofing specialists. We’ll review your demands, ask you about your preferences and also reveal samples of products that match what you want, and we’ll assist you in making the best choices to secure your house and family members. You’ll have a vast array of choices that fit within your spending plan, and we’ll be happy to answer your inquiries concerning each item so you can make the most informed choices feasible.

We guarantee our work as well as the roof materials we utilize. In fact, since we collaborate with CertainTeed, GAF as well as Owens Corning, you’re typically entitled to assurances on materials that outlast those made by less-known contractors. At New View Roofing, we comprehend that your roofing system is a big investment– which in many cases, it’s definitely essential to fix or replace it. We desire you to be confident in your selections, so we provide premium products that provide your residence the highest degree of protection.

Call us at 469-535-9239 to find out more about roofing guarantees readily available to you when you deal with Plano roofing contractor, Burton Hughes.

In many cases, a brand-new roof can increase residential or commercial property worth. If you’re considering selling your home– specifically if other houses in your community have lately been re-roofed– you may want to think of purchasing a roofing substitute.

Although roof upkeep is considered a regular upkeep expense, it can enhance your house’s curb charm as well as take a weight off possible purchasers’ shoulders. The average asphalt roofing is developed to last between twenty and thirty years, which means your buyers won’t even have to think twice about it for years. Even better, is that your residence will look “fresher” than those around it when it’s outfitted with a new roof– and when prospective customers show up to see it, it’ll make a wonderful first impression.

Plano is one of the biggest suburbs of Dallas and has grown to be a favorite for large companies’ headquarters. Plano is surrounded by 4 of the busiest highways in North Texas, Dallas North Tollway, Sam Rayburn Tollway, 75 and President George Bush Turnpike making it incredibly accessible for residents and visitors.

Plano was named from the Spanish word “flat” describing the terrain of never-ending farmland with little to no trees or hills. Plano first started its growth with the help of the Houston and Central Texas Railway. But the biggest boom in Plano’s economy and growth was when J.C. Penney and Frito-Lay moved their headquarters to Plano in the 1980s. Plano was named “The All American City” in 1994 and in 2000 became Dallas’ largest suburb.

The average household income in Plano is $116,992 and the demand for real estate continues to grow as companies such as Dr. Pepper Snapper Group, HP Enterprise Services, Cici’c Pizza, Cinemark, Pizza Hut, JP Morgan/Chase and recently Toyota continue to provide thousands of jobs.

There are three high schools in Plano (Plano Senior High School, Plano West Senior High School and Plano East Senior High School). The Plano Independent School District attracts many families as it has been named the third-best public schools in the country.

On the weekends, residents enjoy Arbor Hills Nature Preserve, a 200-acre park with hiking and bike trails, and pavilions, and the Tom Muehlenbeck Recreation Center with a fitness area, a basketball court, a walking/jogging track, indoor lap pool, indoor leisure pool, two outdoor pools with large slides, a game room and much more.

One of the most popular spots in Plano is The Shops at Legacy and Legacy West. Both of these areas have tons of shopping, restaurants and bars. Legacy West is the newest addition to the area with trendy areas such as Legacy Hall. For a more relaxed atmosphere, residents enjoy downtown Plano and the boutique shops as well as yummy dining options.

There’s a wide range of architecture across Plano. You’ll find beautifully modern estates, rustic Mediterranean-inspired homes, and so much more. Because the weather in our area is pretty varied, from surprise hailstorms to heavy rains, it’s essential to use roofing materials made to stand up to the elements.

Many of the roofs here are made from asphalt shingles, which typically last between 20 and 30 years. However, a lot of the newer homes feature roofing materials like synthetic slate – a beautiful and much more durable alternative to stone roofing.

Learn more about Plano roofing trends in each of these neighborhoods:



You do not need to take our word for it. See what our past and also present customers are stating about New View Roofing’s services below.

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